Ambient meat products

Giebels Meat Products B.V. is specialized in making the meat products we produce shelf stable with no need to refrigerate. We do this by vacuum packing the meat products and pasteurize them in the vacuum pack. This process combined with specialized product formulations can give the products a shelf life at room temperature for up to 12 months.

What are the benefits of this method of preservation?

  • No need to refrigerate.
    • Higher food safety for those markets where a refrigerated food chain is difficult to guarantee.
    • Lower cost of transport and storage.
  • Good alternative to cans and jars.
    • Product quality is better preserved than with the sterilized cans and jars.
    • Lower cost per pack especially when smaller packs sizes are wanted.
    • Better visual presentation of your products.
  • High product quality.
    • High meat content.
    • Same safe preservatives used as for instance for a standard hotdog. No additional ingredients.
  • Highest flexibility in market positioning.
    • Products don’t need to be chilled or frozen, but can be. Extending the shelf life even further if wanted and giving the possibility to sell the product out of a chilled cabinet for higher value, while maintaining all other benefits.
    • Products can be individually packed for maximum convenience and snacking.
    • Products can be ready to eat.
  • Highest flexibility in market presentation.
    • Vacuum foil can be full colour printed.
    • Product can be visual for the consumer.
    • Many possibilities for secondary packaging.

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Sausage co-extrusie:

Sausage co-extrusion technology is an important integral part of Giebels Meat Products B.V.

What is sausage co-extrusion:

Traditionally sausages are made by stuffing a natural or artificial casing. We produce our own casing by simultaneously extruding gel around and inner core of sausage meat. That gel is hardened in the full automatic process, to give a sausage skin with the characteristics of a natural casing.

With this process we produce many types of sausages. Smoked or grill sausage such as hotdogs, frankfurters, breakfast sausage and cocktail sausage, you name it. In fact any shape, size and flavour sausage can be made.

Why co-extruded sausage?

It is the lowest cost production method; with the highest product consistency; high product flexibility, and best assurance for food safety. Simply: the best value for you.

Sausage co-extrusion and Giebels Meat products B.V.

Our current directors father, Mr. Piet Kobussen was the inventor of the sausage co-extrusion process. Initially building and selling co-extrusion lines all over the world. We have never stopped developing. Currently we own a meat processing plant in Holland where we produce cooked sausage of many types for our customers in retail, wholesale and industry.

With our international partners we realize sausage co-extrusion to be exported to local markets. We build and deliver the specific machines necessary and share our process technology.

Please contact us for more information on the grand possibilities of co-extrusion.