Welcome at Giebels Meat Products BV

The history of Giebels Meat Products BV date back more than a century. Therefore we can say that there is a lot of knowledge and expertise within our organization.
Located in Helmond and started as a small local butcher. During the years we expand rapidly, and at the moment we are a professional meat processing company which produces only cooked meat products. We develop exclusive recipes for our customers, either steamed, grilled or cooked. Our packaging options are extensive.

We produce consumer products for retail and food service as well as semi-finished products for B2B.

Ambient meat products

Giebels Meat Products B.V. is specialized in making the meat products we produce shelf stable with no need to refrigerate. We do this by vacuum packing the meat products and pasteurize them in the vacuum pack. This process combined with specialized product formulations can give the products a shelf life at room temperature for up to 12 months.

What are the benefits of this method of preservation?

sausage co-extrusion:

Sausage co-extrusion technology is an important integral part of Giebels Meat Products B.V.

What is sausage co-extrusion: Traditionally sausages are made by stuffing a natural or artificial casing. We produce our own casing by simultaneously extruding gel around and inner core of sausage meat. That gel is hardened in the full automatic process, to give a sausage skin with the characteristics of a natural casing. With this process we produce many types of sausages. Smoked or grill sausage such as hotdogs, frankfurters, breakfast sausage and cocktail sausage, you name it. In fact any shape, size and flavour sausage can be made.

Why co-extruded sausage? (Click on the ‘read more’ button)

Our mission:

Giebels Meat Products BV

  • is a market-oriented company, focused on further growth, standardization and continuation.
  • creates a good working environment for its employees, so they can work together to provide an excellent product profitability to our customers.
  • focuses on cooked meat products and meat snacks in the broadest sense of the word. The market is mostly retail and wholesale particularly in the European market.
  • is a customer oriented organization. Our customers are essential to achieve our objectives.

Our vision:

What feels better than working with a good team of professionals who produces every day tasty and fair precooked meat products. From this perspective, we guarantee what we promise to our customers consistently deliver the same quality at the best price.

Due to ongoing automation, invest in quality and our team and for the purpose of corporate social responsibility, we consist to meet the criteria of increasing regulations standards and requirements of our customers.

The market never stands still so Giebels Meat Products is constantly in motion.

  • Optimal customer satisfaction

    The organization wants both customers and consumers are perfectly satisfied with the products and services.

  • Operational Quality

    The organization wants to accelerate our organization and performance of work, so there will be efficient and effective business.

  • Best employer

    The organization want to be a excellent employer, so people prefer to come and continue to work within our organization where you can develop your self…

  • Financial performance

    The organization wants to achieve a healthy financial performance so the continuity of the organization is guaranteed

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